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الدكتور حنا عيسى Political Change is a Planned Response to the Pressures of Progress and Development by Dr. Issa

Dr. Hanna Issa, Secretary-General of the Islamic-Christian commission  in support of Jerusalem and holy sites, said, "The political change is characterized by a sense of inclusiveness and expansion, it is the overall changes that the political structures in a society is exposed to in what so the power and authority within the same state or several states society is re-distributed."

He added, &q

2016-04-06 17:51:00 Olfat Imam
مسرح إسطنبولي يعلن عن برنامج مهرجان صور الموسيقي الدولي Culture: International Music Festival of Tyre , a tribute to Fayrouz

The second edition of the International Music Festival of Tyre, Lebanon, to be held this year from 9 to 11 April in the city of South Lebanon is dedicated to the great artist Fayrouz.

Istanbouli Theatre organized this musical event that will take the city of Tyre in early April in collaboration with the Association for the arts, the City Council and the Ministry of Culture of Lebanon. The aim of this international festi

2016-04-06 15:42:03 Olfat Imam
حنا عيسي Issa: Settlements Deprive Palestinians from the Right of Self- Determination

Dr. Hanna Issa, a professor and an expert on international law, said, "The existence of the settlements makes a future Palestinian state less able to grow and develop economically and politically, not only that, but also deprives the Palestinians the right to self-determination, these settlements constitute a serious obstacle in the way of a comprehensive solution, a just lasting peace in the Middle East."
He con

2016-04-05 15:54:34 Olfat Imam
التحقيقات في تفجيرات بروكسل تظهر وجود مشتبه به سوري جديد Is Brussels going to be the last‎

Is Brussels going to be the last?
Mohamed S. Kamel
March 25th, 2016
Our hearts go out to the people of Belgium, and to the entire humanity for the horrific crime committed recently in Brussels.  A crime that wasn't the first, and unfortunately will not be the last, as long as we can’t exterminate the terrorism and eradicate the root cause of it.

2016-03-25 19:27:41 Mohamed S. Kamel

صحفي أمريكي اشترى 4 أطفال سوريين بـ600 دولار I Bought Four Syrian Children

March 15, 2016 "Information Clearing House" -  I confess to having purchased four children near Ramlet el Baida beach recently from a stressed-out Syrian woman. I am not sure if she was as she appeared to be or was from one of human trafficking gangs which operate widely these days in Lebanon as they market Syrian children or vulnerable adult women. The vendor woman claimed to have been the four children’s nei

2016-03-21 15:27:09 Franklin Lamb
Culture Lebanon : Kassem Istanbouli re-opens Nabatiyeh's cinema Culture Lebanon : Kassem Istanbouli re-opens Nabatiyeh's cinema

Nabatiyeh has no cinema since 1990, when the Stars Cinema closed. But this will change very soon, as Kassem Istanbouli and his team are working to re-open  the Stars Cinema.

Kassem Istanbouli, founder of Istanbouli Theatre, is the manager of  the Al Hamra cinema at Tyre, a cinema that he reopened  after 30 years closure. Under his direction several International Festivals have taken place at the cit

2016-03-16 14:11:02 Olfat Imam
المجلس الثوري المصري PRESS RELEASE: Sincere condolences on horrific Ankara attack‎

The Egyptian Revolutionary Council (ERC) expresses its sincere condolences to the families of the victims of the horrific bus attack in Ankara yesterday and to the Turkish people and government and prays for the speedy recovery of the injured.

This comes after a bomb attack took place on a bus in Ankara yesterday leaving more than 30 killed and more than 100 injured, according to news reports.


2016-03-15 21:24:07 Mohamed Kamel
IOM Condemns Wednesday Attack at Migrant Response Point in Hodeidah, Yemen IOM Condemns Wednesday Attack at Migrant Response Point in Hodeidah, Yemen

Yemen - On 9 March 2016, at 3:00 PM, an armed group stormed the IOM Migrant Response Point (MRP) in Hodeidah, Yemen and fired automatic weapons inside the premises.  The assault resulted in the death of a 16-year-old unaccompanied migrant.

More than 70 vulnerable migrants and 17 members of the IOM staff were inside the MRP at the time of the forced entry. One bullet hit a pre-fabricated metal container used b

2016-03-11 19:24:29 Olfat Imam
المجلس الثوري المصري On International Women’s Day: Egyptian women in the forefront of celebrations

In a few days the world will celebrate International Women’s Day as a mark of respect and appreciation of women’s social, economic and political achievements. Meanwhile, Egyptian women are making history with their tremendous sacrifice for the sake of establishing democracy in their beloved country.

Over the past five years - after the Egyptian revolution - Egyptian women actively practiced their right

2016-03-06 14:02:00 Mohamed Kamel

 the UN Assistant Mission for Iraq (UNAMI) announced that the death of its representative in Diyala Province, Amer al-Kaissy, had been confirmed. He was abducted by the militias in April 2015.

Ján Kubiš, Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Iraq, stressed: “ For more than nine months we have sought the intervention of the Government on the local and national levels to ensure

2016-02-21 20:41:10 Olfat Imam
الاسري1 Egypt: Solidarity with Al-Akrab Prison detainees

The Egyptian Revolutionary Council expresses its unequivocal support for the escalated measures taken by important figures in the Egyptian Revolution who are detained in Al-Akrab Prison.

The escalation starts tomorrow, the 20th of February, 2016 and is part of a campaign titled, ‘I am a human being: human dignity - physical safety’. The escalation measures are taken in order to force prison authorities

2016-02-20 16:32:07 Mohamed Kamel
المجلس الثوري المصري Condolences expressed re Giulio Regeni's horrific death

The Egyptian Revolutionary Council expresses its heartfelt condolences to the family Giulio Regeni, the Italian Government and Italian people on the tragic death of Regeni.

Regeni, 28, was an Italian student pursuing doctral studies at the University of Cambridge, United Kingdom, and as part of his research, his presence in Egypt was required.

The young researcher disappeared on the 25th

2016-02-11 17:34:25 Olfat Imam
هيومن رايتس ووتش1 HRW reaction to the arrest of JP Remy and Ph. Moore

"The Burundian authorities should immediately free the French journalist Jean-Philippe Rémy and British photographer Phil Moore, held in Bujumbura, unless there is a credible legal basis to detain them, and should ensure their safety . They should make sure they are not ill-treated in detention and that diplomatic representatives and lawyers can visit them immediately.
The Burundian government sh

2016-01-30 16:11:06 Olfat Imam
العسكر خربوها - 25 يناير twenty five th of January revolution's fifth anniversary and its goals far from being achieved

Today is the fifth anniversary of the 25th of January Revolution that erupted in 2011 for ‘bread, freedom, social justice, and human dignity’ and today we find Egyptians living under military dictatorship, tyranny and face appalling violations of their basic rights1.

Egyptians, through their struggle and sacrifice for almost two years post the 2011 revolution, forced the deep state an

2016-01-26 04:11:09 Mohamed Kamel
وكالة سولا برس Smallholder farmers need seat at climate table

Paris, 7 December 2015: Short-term, reactive solutions are not enough to help smallholder farmers cope with climate change, according to a new report by the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD).

“If we are going to sustainably improve the livelihoods of the developing world’s smallholder farmers in the context of a changing climate, we need to ensure that their prior

2015-12-07 15:56:25 Olfat Imam
المجلس الثوري المصري Press conference in solidarity with students in Egypt‎

The Egyptian Revolutionary Council, in solidarity with students in Egypt, held a press conference in London, coinciding with International Students’ Day on Tuesday, the 17th of November. The press conference presented the latest reports from the Student Freedom Observatory, detailing violations against students after the military coup.

Among the violations exhibited were 234 cases of extrajudicial killings,

2015-11-18 21:01:08 Mohamed Kamel
Iran: mass fury erupts against the Mullahs Iran: mass fury erupts against the Mullahs

By: Keyvan Salami

Coinciding with millions of Turks rallying to the streets in Tabriz, Urumieh, Zanjan, Ardebil, Khuy, Maraghe, Marand, Nagahde, Meshkin Shahr, Ahar, Maghan and other cities in East and West Azerbaijan provinces of Iran’s ethnic Azerbaijan region protesting insults by state TV against the ethnic Turks, the Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance o

2015-11-14 01:00:44 Keyvan Salami
عمدة لندن بوريس جونسون Sharek Youth Forum refuses to host Boris Johnson at its offices

Sharek Youth Forum announces our decision to cancel today’s upcoming meeting with the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, during his visit to Israel and the occupied Palestinian Territories. He was due to meet with a group of Palestinian youth to discuss the main challenges faced by young people.

However, following Johnson’s inaccurate, misinformed, and disrespectful statement regarding the boycott, divest

2015-11-11 19:01:34 Olfat Imam
العفو الدولية تدين إحالة حسام بهجت للنيابة العسكرية Carter Center Calls for Release of Egyptian Human Rights Defenders

ATLANTA – The Carter Center and former U.S. President Jimmy Carter urge the Government of Egypt to dismiss all charges against renowned journalist and human rights defender Hossam Bahgat. "Hossam has devoted his life and work to advancing human rights for all Egyptians," said President Carter. "His dedication to his nation should be a source of great pride, not cause for retribution.”


2015-11-11 17:38:59 Olfat Imam
هجوم بالصواريخ علي مخيم ليبرتي في العراق Crime continues after missile barrage with blockade on Camp Liberty‎

While residents of camp Liberty need minimum necessities for daily life after their camp has been destroyed by the deadly missile attack last week it is 8 consecutive days that Iraqi forces bar food, fuel, medicine into camp and stop discharge of its sewage to continue pressuring the residents. This a shame for US and UN does not do anything to stop this inhumane siege against refugees in the camp. Please read more about

2015-11-08 18:39:48 Keyvan Salami