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شرطة المجر تقمع المهاجرين بالغاز وتمنعهم من المرور Solution to Syria crisis: Iran eviction

by Keyvan Salami

With more than 442,440 refugees and migrants having arrived via the Mediterranean so far this year, some 2,921 deaths, and 4,000 people arriving on the Greek islands daily, the crisis is growing and being pushed from one country to another without solution,' UNHCR spokesperson Adrian Edwards told a press briefing in Geneva.

The world's conscie

2015-09-24 16:47:56 Keyvan Salami
IOM Assists in Relocation of Vulnerable Women and Children from Iraq to Germany IOM Assists in Relocation of Vulnerable Women and Children from Iraq to Germany

Iraq - The International Organization for Migration (IOM) yesterday (21/09) facilitated the relocation of 65 women and children from Dohuk to Erbil to Baden-Württemberg, Germany. These beneficiaries are taking part in the German-funded Humanitarian Admissions Programme, which with support from IOM, seeks to facilitate the safe and orderly movement of vulnerable survivors of the Iraq conflic

2015-09-23 02:54:00 Olfat Imam
المجلس الثوري المصري Egyptian Revolutionary Council calls for boycott of parliamentary elections

General Abdul-Fattah El-Sisi announced he would hold parliamentary elections, two years after his 3rd of July military coup. Nevertheless, the announcement follows significant changes he made in the constitution in order to ensure a tailored outcome from the elections.

The amendments include an increase in the number of seats in parliament to an unprecedented 568 seats – by an amendment to the laws, made per

2015-09-19 08:46:22 Olfat Imam
وكالة سولا برس IOM: Latest Data on Europe Migrant Emergency

Switzerland - Through two and a half weeks of September, IOM teams have recorded total arrivals to Europe by sea in 2015 at 473,887 men, women and children. At least 182,000 of those migrants have arrived from Syria—making Syrians just under 40 per cent of this year’s total. In 2014, Syrians comprised between 25 per cent and 33 per cent of those entering Europe by sea.

Deaths on sea routes today stand

2015-09-19 08:08:00 Olfat Imam
قلم1 Alyan Kurdi, Whom to Blame?‎

by Mohamed S. Kamel

Known as the Syrian Refugees crisis, but it is not.  It is the crisis of the silence on the atrocities taking place in the third world countries, all over Africa and Asia, and especially in the Middle East.

A long story of the Western occupation, and the Western supported dictatorships, then the exploitation of the Arab Spring to achieve their

2015-09-09 20:35:50 Mohamed S. Kamel
مسؤول أمني كبير قال لمحمد فهمي : قضية الماريوت تمثل كابوساً للدولة Canadians Condemn Verdict Against Mohamed Fahmy and Other Al Jazeera Journalists

(Ottawa, August 29, 2015) The Egyptian Canadian Coalition for Democracy (ECCD) condemns today's verdict that sentenced Canadian journalist Mohamed Fahmy along with two other Al-Jazeera journalists to 3 years in prison. A court in Cairo convicted Mohamed Fahmy, Baher Mohamed, and Peter Greste for allegedly spreading false news, aiding a terrorist organization, and working without a license.

"The verdict co

2015-08-31 15:59:34 Olfat Imam
World Humanitarian Day: voices from the field World Humanitarian Day: voices from the field

Mariam Haboob is a health educator at the HelpAge International - Gaza part of HelpAge Gaza emergency response team.
Mariam is proud to be working with HelpAge Gaza Team and believes that her work holds a great value and message to care of elderly people in Gaza especially after the war of 2014 and in the severity of the living conditions there, Mariam says: “it has become difficult to reach older people in the area

2015-08-22 21:07:00 alia_elhayek
Iraq: Reform Package is welcome, go for Iran eviction Iraq: Reform Package is welcome, go for Iran eviction

by Ramin

World is vigorously watching the aftermath of the Iraqi uprising against corrupt local figures who has dumped the country to the paucity, chaos and

dilemma in favor of the rulers in Tehran. Ironically though, Iran has been retreating from its atomic ambitions to keep its own wrecked car on the road.
While welcoming the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi’s

2015-08-18 19:12:05 Ramin
Justice for baby Ali‎ Justice for baby Ali‎

Ali, an 18 month old baby was burned to death after Israeli settlers fire-bombed his home. Graffiti on the charred house reads “Revenge”. It’s sickening to imagine Ali’s suffering and the pain his family is feeling now, but this is our chance to say enough is enough.  

The International Criminal Court is investigating Israel’s crimes in Palestine, but Israel and the US are workin

2015-08-09 19:35:53 Olfat Imam
Saudi Arabia will need deep pockets if it is to win its oil war with US Saudi Arabia will need deep pockets if it is to win its oil war with US

Saudi Arabia is an expensive country to run for the House of Saud. Fearful of Iran, it has imported the latest military kit to show that it is the Middle East’s regional superpower. Higher defence spending has also been needed to fund action in Yemen and to counter the threat from Islamic State. In addition, Saudi Arabia has an unemployment problem that it fears may become a social unrest problem. Two-thirds of the

2015-08-08 16:36:54 Olfat Imam
كبار دعاة السعودية يتوحدون على تجريم تفجير المسجد بأبها كبار دعاة السعودية يتوحدون على تجريم تفجير المسجد بأبها

مؤيد باجس.....

توحّد الرأي العام السعودي على استنكار التفجير الانتحاري الذي أوقع 13 قتيلا في مسجد تابع لقوات "الطوارئ الخاصة" بمدينة أبها التابعة لمحافظة عسير جنوبي السعودية.

وذهب عشرات الدعاة السعودي

2015-08-07 07:54:42 مؤيد باجس
IOM Evacuates Somalis from Yemen to Somalia IOM Evacuates Somalis from Yemen to Somalia

Somalia - IOM’s second evacuation flight from Yemen to Somalia arrived in Mogadishu at 07.45 on July 27, 2015. It had 272 passengers on board, of whom 196 requested further assistance and have been taken to an IOM transit / reception centre.

The flight, which left Sana’a international airport on 26 July was coordinated by IOM offices in Yemen, Somalia, Sudan and Geneva. IOM also worked in close coordin

2015-07-28 14:47:38 Olfat Imam
How The Nuclear Deal Will Affect Iran's Foreign Policy How The Nuclear Deal Will Affect Iran's Foreign Policy

Charlotte Alfred

The accord -- which limits Iran's nuclear program in exchange for sanctions relief -- came after months of negotiations between Tehran and the P5+1, the five permanent members of the U.N. Security Council and Germany. It was a particularly striking breakthrough in relations between Washington and Tehran, after nearly four decades of open hostility.

2015-07-19 07:51:33 Charlotte Alfred
Migrant Boat Arrivals in Europe Top 150,000 in 2015 Migrant Boat Arrivals in Europe Top 150,000 in 2015

Greece - IOM estimates that some 150,000 migrants have reached Europe by sea to date in 2015. Almost all arrivals were registered in Italy (74,947) or Greece (75,970).

Data provided by the Italian Ministry of Interior shows that during the first six months of 2015, some 70,354 migrants arrived on Italian shores – a slight increase from the same period in 2014, when migrants rescued at sea totaled 63,884 thro

2015-07-11 05:42:45 Olfat Imam
قلم1 Conference on “Democratic and Tolerant Islam against Fundamentalism, Religious Dictatorship

By:Heshmat Alavi

The solution to the crisis is expulsion of mullahs’ regime from throughout the region and its overthrow in Iran

On Friday, July 3, Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the Iranian Resistance, asserted that world Muslims, Shia or Sunni, have a common enemy in the fundamentalists ruling Iran. She emphasized: “An end is conceivable to

2015-07-06 06:54:27 Heshmat Alavi
IOM: Displacement in Iraq Tops 3 Million IOM: Displacement in Iraq Tops 3 Million

 IOM’s latest Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM) identified 3,087,372 internally displaced persons (514,562 families) in Iraq from January 2014 through 4 June 2015. The displaced are dispersed across all of Iraq’s 18 governorates.

Considering the available information and the DTM methodology, the United Nations Humanitarian Country Team revises the planning figures for the humanitarian response to

2015-06-25 07:10:42 Olfat Imam
البروفيسور نورمان بيش : يؤكد تضامنه مع النائب خالده جرار ويدعو الى اطلاق سراحها Norman Peach: Khalida Jarrar We are in solidarity with you

since April 2, 2015 You are in a prison of the Israeli occupying power. She has just extended your detention indefinitely. Olfat Imam

قلم1 Israeli defamation, slander strategy against rights’ NGOs

Days of Palestine, New York –A credible senior UN source disclosed on Thursday Israeli defamation, slander strategy used to smear independent rights groups.

Israeli occupation adopts certain, but a bit complicated strategy to smear independent human rights NGOs, which disclose Israeli human rights violations against Palestinians.

A former Israeli official, who was part of the Israeli strateg

2015-06-17 23:03:26 Mr. Motasem A Dalloul
Paris rally focus on regime change in Iran Paris rally focus on regime change in Iran

By: Ramin Jalali
Over 100,000 Iranians and hundreds of high-profile figures and MPs from 69 countries from across the globe participated in solidarity with the Iranian democratic opposition gathering held on June 13 in the outskirts of Paris.

Over 600 political dignitaries from a wide range of backgrounds joined Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the National Council of R

2015-06-16 21:35:15 Ramin Jalali

By: Heshmat Alavi...
Hundreds of thousands of Iranian from five continents of the globe showed up in the grand gathering of Iranian in support of the Iranian Resistance in the Villepinte Hall in Paris on June 13, with the participation of 600 political dignitar

2015-06-16 21:30:35 Heshmat Alavi